First Certificate Exam preparation course methodology

The NOW First Certificate course has been developed by Cambridge University Certified Examiners, highly experienced English teachers, and linguistic experts who have prepared hundreds of students for the First Certificate Exam.

NOW First Certificate is a specialized  test preparation course and not just a standard English course. It is based on the 5 parts of the First Certificate Exam and aims to train students on exam taking techniques, while also helping them improve on those areas of the English language they will be tested on. We accomplish this by helping our students recognize their own mistakes, analyzing why they may have made them, and then teaching them how to correct themselves.

Who is The NOW First Certificate course designed for?

Any English learner with a B1 or B2  (intermediate or upper-intermediate)  level, who wants to improve his/her command of the English language to fine-tune their usage of the language, can take and will definitely benefit a lot from our course.

How it is achieved...


NOW Method:

  • Learn the key grammar and vocabulary you need to pass the exam in a simple, fun, fresh and interactive way.  
  • Master how to take the exam and improve in the 4 main skills tested.
  • Practice with exam-like activities for each section of the Use of English, Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking.
  • Succeed in and pass the First Certificate Exam!

The main feature of our methodology is to learn through understanding and correcting your own mistakes. To do this you will always have a detailed explanation of the why an answer can be correct or incorrect. This is one of the most distinctive and important elements of our methodology; it is what will help you get to the next level, and what differentiates NOW First Certificate from other course!

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